Health Benefits

Sauna’s are known worldwide for providing an overall feeling of well-being helping us to relax, and revitalize our mind and body. As a natural reaction to the heat , surface blood vessels will expand, bringing a large flow of blood to the skin. The hot skin will warm the blood quickly, carrying the heat deeper into the body. This process can be therapeutic and provide improvement with the following health conditions.

benefits of sauna Chronic Pain & Muscle Spasms benefits of sauna Acne & Skin Tone
benefits of sauna Varicose & Spider Veins benefits of sauna Arthritis & Musculoskeletal
benefits of sauna Cellulite & Weight benefits of sauna Blood Circular & Pressure
Injury & Scars Detoxification & Viruses
Precursor to Exercise Indigestion
Relaxation & Meditation

Through the perspiration process, acid and waste residue are removed from the blood, actually increasing the capabilities of the kidneys to filter out impurities.

After several trips into the sauna, pores that have not been open for years may open up clearing old cosmetics, blackheads and acne-producing bacteria. Dead skin cells will loosen up and can be scrubbed off later. Adolescents will enjoy the effects of the sauna in keeping their skin cleaner and clearer.  Adults will enjoy a fresher, healthier and more youthful appearance.

With improved circulation (not actual blood pressure, just flow), muscles can be quickly cleared of excess lactic acid that builds up during strenuous exercise. Athletes often use the sauna to relax their tired and sore muscles and to reduce stiffness in joints. The increased blood circulation (hyperemia) also promotes the healing of skin cuts as the increased blood supply will bring a greater supply of red and white blood cells to promote healing.

Sauna heat can ease muscular and nervous tension in muscles and joints which explains its great popularity as a general relaxant. It also helps to improve poor circulation, tension headaches, back aches, colds, sinus congestion, arthritis, rheumatism and minor respiratory ailments. Relaxation helps you sleep better. The sauna does not cause any true weight loss, as any weight difference is just temporary loss of fluid. The relaxation created by the sauna is a blessing for people who are highly involved in today’s fast -paced and hectic lifestyle. The interesting fact about sauna owners is that they are generally healthier and have fewer colds.

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