Infrared Kits


Optimal heat distribution through:

  • 30 % larger Stainless Steel – Reflectors!
  • No Industrial Radiators!
  • All electrical Components CSA certified !
  • Polished surface Stainless Steel reflectors
  • Special Full ceramic- Heating Rods used in Euro Sauna Corp. Far Infrared ThermoCabins, from the leading German Manufacturer for infra red emitters.
  • Thus guaranteed concavity, large surface and even ray distribution.
  • Assurance of ideal Ray Spectrum through thorough test and measuring.
  • Safety of all electrical components by:
    • Hidden wiring
    • All connections made with high temperature resistant wires and ceramic wire connectors.
    • Simple and maintenance friendly surface mount of all radiators.
  • Stainless Steel housing, therefore excellent reflection and longevity.
  • Digital Control with precise temperature settings – Temperature control. Temperature Difference in Carbine von 0,5° -1,0 ° Celsius
  • European Craftsmanship in all components.
  • Simple set up of all components.


  • Warranty on Controls and electrical: 5 Years*
  • Warranty on Ceramic rods: 10 Years*
  • Warranty on Lumina rods: 5 Years*

*Impact damage and abuse or improper use voids warranty. Shipping charges apply.

System output is determined by the cubic footage of the room for installation. Please call to determine which system is best for you based on your room size.

Upgrade to our newest Far Infrared Technology.


Our Lumina is considered to be a “Full Spectrum Infrared Emitter” which provides infrared rays between 1 and 9 micron.

This allows deepest skin penetration and instant heat output.