Infrared Saunas

All Infrared Saunas are not created equally.

Euro Sauna Corp. builds the ultimate Far Infrared Sauna designed for the North American marketplace. The far infrared heat is widely accepted as providing the optimal heat penetration for skin tissues, while eliminating the feeling of an intense heat experienced in a conventional sauna.

Euro Sauna’s make you sweat more and feel better. Lumina sauna therapy can be increased through our Lumina heater technology. Our Lumina sauna kits and home saunas are manufactured with the quality to fit any need.



Far Infrared Saunas


Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared saunas

Full Spectrum Infrared Lunima Sauna


  • Completely redesigned to minimize the “hot spots” and make effective use of infrared rays.
  • High output emitters strategically located within the enclosure.
  • Modular construction for easy set up.
  • Full 6 mm tempered, frameless glass door.
  • Crating included – shipping extra.
  • Three sizes available:
    4×4 – 4×5 – 4×6

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  • Optimal Skin Penetration
  • Direct Heat Transfer
  • Immediate Infrared Heating – no preheating required
  • More Comfortable Air Temperature
  • Time Efficient
  • Comfortable, Safe
  • Economical
  • Easy to install even in small spaces

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