Mission Statement

Euro Sauna Corp. dedicates itself in producing sauna products that are true to the traditional European Sauna experience, while at the same time integrating new technologies, construction and design with the purpose of enhancing the experience and in improving the health of the sauna user.

This mandate is achieved through the following efforts:

  • Maintain sound knowledge of the European communities.
  • Conduct regular research into design elements, construction methods and innovation with implementation where enhancements are seen.
  • Strict adherence to product quality measures without exception.
  • Openness to customer needs in design and in usage needs.
  • Without compromise, uphold the quality standards that we have developed over the past decade as a leader and innovator within the competitive North American market.
  • To provide value to our customers through producing an industry-leading product, while also focusing on efficiencies and materials procurement.

The saunas produced in our facilities are not shipped until it is satisfied that the product far surpasses industry norms. We understand that our customers expect quality and design levels second-to-none in the North American market.