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The 120 volt vs. 240 volt power supply, How much does it cost to run my sauna?

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Euro-Sauna – The 120 volt vs. 240 volt power supply, How much does it cost to run my sauna?

COST to operate:

Your hydro company charges you based on kilowatt hours comsumed ( kW.h).  A kilowatt is 1000 watts.  The current kW.h charge for hydro power in BC is $0.06800, or 6.8 cents per 1000 watt.hours of usage.  So if you had an appliance that used 1000 watts of power for 1 hour of time, the cost to you would be 6.8 cents.

The Euro-Sauna Full Spectrum Lumina 240volt standard model typically runs at 1700 watts. Your cost to operate (FOR 1 HOUR) is 1700 watts x $0.06800/Kw.h x 1hour = $0.116 or 11.6 cents.  This is much cheaper than most people realize, so go ahead and enjoy your sauna knowing it is not costing you a fortune to use, and the health benefits are well worth the minimal cost incurred to you.

Since you pay for power based on kW.hrs consumed, the cost to operate is almost the same running a 240 volt power supply vs. a 120 volt power supply.  This is because you are paying wattage x hours to the hydro company.  The 1700 watts in the sauna can be produced from either a 240 volt power supply or a 120 volt power supply.

Ohm’s Law defines the relationship between power, voltage, current, and resistance.  The wattage you pay for can be defined as Watts = Volts x Amps.  With a 120 volt power supply, in order to produce the 1700 watts for your sauna, you need to draw 14 amps or power through the electrical line.  This is the maximum capacity or a typical 15 amp 120 volt circuit in your home. If you have any other light, appliance or power consuming item on the same circuit, you will overload the circuit and “flip” the breaker.   With a 220 volt power supply, you only require ½ of the amperage draw to produce the 1700 watts ( 7 amps power required).  The cost of the power is the same, but the amperage draw is less with a 240 volt power supply.  Also, your 240 power system will run cooler, since the amperage draw though the wires, etc is only ½ compared to a 120 volt system.  This has an impact on wire sizing, risk of fire, circuit capacity, etc.

The 240 volt advantage:

Faster heat up time.  The 240 volt power supplied saunas heat up much faster than the 120 volt options. This is because emitters are design to work most efficiently with a 240 volt power supply.  The 240 volt emitter will be “on” for less time (fewer kW.hrs charged to you). This gives your sauna emitter a greater service life, since it is not on for long “heat up” periods before you use your sauna.  It is almost instantly warm when you turn it on. The 240 volt power supply makes more efficient use of the power, resulting in a lower consumption of kW.hrs, and a lower cost to you.  Also, if needed for a larger room size, we can increase the wattage of the sauna, since we are not near the maximum amperage draw for the circuit, like the 120 volt option would be.  Since it is unlikely you will have a dedicated 120 volt power outlet in your home for your sauna, a dedicated plug will need to be installed.  Most cheap import “saunas-in-box” are very small inside for this reason, and advertise convenient 120v power plug in design, but unless you have a dedicated 110v plug in just for your sauna, in the location you need it, than this is not a convenience to you.  Install a 220v plug for your sauna and you will not be restricted with your sauna power supply.

Full Spectrum Lumina infrared emitters are only available in 220 volt, but the far infrared and ceramic infrared emitters are available in either 120 volt or 240 volt options if you are not able to add a 220 volt power supply if you are in an apartment, condo, etc.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at the Euro-Sauna Company. 1 800 999 3876 (EURO)