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Electro magnetic field ( EMF)

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Euro-Sauna saunas have always produced a “low EMF” reading in the 2 – 5 milligauss range.  We have not had to change our product like other IR manufacturers in response to some sauna re-sellers generating an “EMF scare” in order to promote and sell their products.

The high EMF ratings resulted from the importing of very cheap ( $2/panel in some cases) large black Carbon/Styrofoam IR heating panels with large electrically charged surface areas generating the EMF’s.  Euro-saunas are not made with any of these.

To put things in perspective, the EMF produced by my new “I-phone”, when measured with our Gauss meter, is 25 to 30 milli gauss when it is transmitting or receiving a cellular signal.  Euro Saunas Corp. has been building “low EMF” saunas for the past 19 years using high quality components, avoiding the temptation to put very cheap imported electronics into the saunas.