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The Sauna in North America

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Since the 1600’s, many saunas were build by Finnish immigrants for their own use everywhere the settled. Established residents often watched in disbelief as a Finn built his sauna first and later began working on his home. It was a very practical approach (it still goes on today) as the sauna dressing room could be used for a temporary home.

With the development of portable electric sauna heaters in Finland during the 1930’s, it became much easier for converted North Americans to start building their own saunas. By the early 1960’s saunas were becoming accepted as standard features for apartment buildings, hotels, motels, sport complexes, country clubs and resorts. A number of years later, the sauna started to become accepted into private homes and executive offices.

As pre-built saunas, sauna heaters and sauna materials become even more available, sauna use will continue to spread in popularity. The growing need for relaxation from our hectic way of life will assure the sauna a very healthy place in our lifestyles.