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Lumina Saunas

Euro Sauna Corp. is the first sauna manufacturer to bring the next generation in Infrared Sauna technology to North America with our new Lumina infrared heaters. Having taken Europe by storm, the Lumina provides instant heat and deeper penetration than conventional infrared emitters.

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Infrared Saunas

Euro Sauna Corp. builds the ultimate Far Infrared Sauna designed for the North American marketplace. The far Infrared heat is widely accepted as providing the optimal heat penetration for skin tissues, while eliminating the feeling of an intense heat experienced in a conventional sauna.

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Outdoor Saunas

Any size and shape, built to withstand tough weather conditions while providing exceptional performance.

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Commercial Saunas

Our Commercial Saunas are found in resorts, hotels, condominium complexes and commercial pool facilities.

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Infrared Saunas. Traditional Saunas. Indoor/Outdoor, Custom & Hybrid Saunas

Welcome to Euro Sauna Corporation

Call us for inquiries 1 888 999 3876 (EURO)  or email to info@euro-saunas(dot)com                         

Welcome!  We build ALL types of saunas ( 2016 sauna selection chart ) and would love the opportunity to build one for you! Regular sauna use helps people live longer, healthier, happier lives.  Our great customer feedback is our motivation to continue designing and building the best saunas, utilizing the highest quality materials and components available.  Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, for the past 24 years Euro Sauna Corp. has been dedicated to producing sauna products that have been true to the traditional European Sauna experience.  Today, Euro Sauna integrates new sauna technologies, construction, and design in order to enhance the sauna experience and improve the health of the sauna user.  European Sauna Supply Catalogue 2016

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Fall 2015 – D-I-Y Sauna Kits starting at $2,119 ! TRADITIONAL Saunas (Click here )
INFRARED Saunas (Click here )
CSA certETL cert              All electrical products are certified for your safety and piece of mind.

SFI cert     We only purchase the highest quality wood from certified suppliers who have demonstrated the highest levels of forest management certifications.  Did you know that wood is roughly 50% carbon by weight? Trees absorb atmospheric carbon (CO2), store the carbon and release the oxygen for us.  Healthy vigorously growing young forests are essential to reducing green house gases.

Free Standing Saunas:

Choose the sauna shape, size and features from our options list of actual custom orders of pre fabricated Modular Room Saunas.

With a choice of paneling on all visible exterior sauna walls, these saunas can be installed freestanding in any room.

Saunas can range from 4’x4′ side entrance with 2 kw heater all the way to an 10’x12′ (commercial) with a 15kw heater.

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Infrared Thermo Cabin Saunas:

  • The ultimate Far Infrared Sauna design in the North American marketplace.
  • Minimizes the “hot spots” and makes effective use of emitters.
  • High output emitters strategically located within the enclosure.
  • Modular construction built to the same high standard as our traditional Finish Saunas.

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Sauna Accessories:

Euro Sauna Corp. offers a large selection of sauna doors, benches, ladles, fragrances, and more… Everything you need to make your sauna a wonderful, peaceful place.

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Commercial Saunas:

Custom orders of pre fabricated Modular Room Saunas. Shape, size and features can be selected through our options list of actual custom orders of pre fabricated Modular Room Saunas.

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Supplying Vancouver  Vancouver Island  Calgary  Edmonton  Kelowna and beyond.